Oldest US-Based Natural Health Care Affiliate Program


Oldest US-Based Natural Health Care Company



  1. What will it cost me to join NATURAL HEALTH SOURCES?

Not a single penny! There’s no charge to participate, in fact we will pay YOU! Every time you send a customer to us and they make a purchase from any of our sites, you earn a generous 30% – 50% commission on all qualifying sales made.

As an added BONUS to you as a registered affiliate you can earn an additional 5% of the total sale price on every commission earned by NEW affiliates you’ve directly recruited/referred. Once you have registered as an AFFILIATE you will be given directions for registering your REFERRAL AFFILIATES.

  1. How can I earn the highest commission percentage?

We reward results! So if you can make a minimum consistent amount of sales per day, we will raise your commission to 40%. For affiliates who can send even higher volume, we can raise your percentage to 50%.

  1. How do I know my customers will be satisfied?

When you link to any of our websites, you are sending your customers to a trusted retailer and e-commerce leader. You can be confident that they’ll receive high-quality service and great products. Plus every product on our network is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

  1. How do I track my sales and commissions?

Accurate real-time statistics are provided 24/7 on every sale you make. We have state-of-the-art software managing our affiliate program, which can handle millions of hits per day and tracks all your sales. As well, you can create as many tracking ids as you like under your main account so you can track the performance of all of your campaigns individually. We also provide referring traffic stats so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

  1. Do you allow BULK EMAILING?

No, WE DO NOT ALLOW ANY BULK EMAIL COMPAIGNS OF ANY TYPE through our program. If we receive any SPAM complaints associated with your account, YOU will be TERMINATED immediately WITHOUT PAY. You are only permitted to generate traffic with whatever legal means necessary but if you are caught cheating or violating our policies your account will be terminated immediately without pay and you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER AGAIN.