FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire someone that isn’t right here in my office?

Hiring an assistant is one of the best ways to capitalize on productivity, manage your business, and achieve your goals. Utilizing a Virtual Paralegal eliminates the time-consuming task of hiring, training, and paying for a full-time employee. A Virtual Paralegal also offer the flexibility of being available after hours or “on call”, which can be a great advantage to any Working Professional! While we do keep regular business hours, we have the “can do attitude” whereas we are available to all of our clients after hours and on weekends with or without an appointment or assignment pre-schedule.

How do I work with a virtual paralegal, when I don’t see them?

Our primary mode of communication is the my case portal. However, we utilize all aspects of communication as well. Email, IM, EFax, Skype, Yahoo, and traditional lane line facsimile and US MAIL as well as the good old telephone and we make it a point to schedule weekly or monthly phone calls to keep our tasks “online” and “on focus” and make sure that our partnership is working for your business goals.

Can I use a virtual paralegal even if I already have an assistant?

YES! Many lawyers have found that utilizing a virtual paralegal in conjunction with an in-house assistant can be extremely successful in forming an STRESS-FREE workday! WE ARE ASSISTANT FRIENDLY!

Turnaround Time and Other Policies

Unlike most virtual paralegal, we do not require our on-going clients to call or to order our services prior to delivering an assignment. We offer quick turnaround on most assignments.  Our team of experts is a virtual extension and a member of our clients’ teams.  We are just three clicks away from any administrative crisis, tasks, or challenges your law firm is faced with while providing legal services to your clients.

Mentoring Matters

We believe with a little help from others ordinary hard working people CAN do extraordinary things.  We offer a wide array of mentoring and career services exclusively catering to paralegals.  These services are currently offered as specialty referral services only.

Client safety and security is our first priority. For the convenience of our attorney-clients, we offer a client pointal (point of all contact), which is available to all clients and their clients for free.


Do you need to make an appointment? We are so committed to making our paralegal services and business services as easy as “three-clicks” we allow on-line booking of appointments for all potential clients, our current attorneys, their clients , and our sister Company BVP Services clients.

Existing clients have access to our office 24/7-365 days out of the year through a client portal.

Are we Attorneys?

We are not attorneys. We do have 2-retired US-Lawyers on staff however we are a certified legal document preparation firm that can answer your questions about various processes, and can prepare your legal documents. However, if you require legal advice on any previously mentioned  matters, please consult an attorney or if requested we may supply one for you.

What is PIP?

PIP is the Parent Information Program used by most all family courts in USA. This program has a mandatory class for parents to take who are involved in a divorce or other domestic relations action. There are many agencies that offer the class in person, or it can be taken online. There is a registration fee and these are required.

What is a community property state?

Most property and debts acquired during the marriage are community property, unless they can be shown they were a gift, inheritance, or were sole and separate property from prior to the marriage. This requires separate agreements between parties then to be adjudicated by the court for settlement.

Do I need to record my will?

No, in most states it is not required.

Do I need a trust?

Not always. If you have a small estate, you shouldn’t need one. However, your estate could possibly go through probate. There are many details that play into whether or not a trust would be beneficial and it does depend on your state’s requirements. This will have to be researched at the time.

If my loved one dies without a last will and testament, do I need to do formal probate?

Not always. Usually you can do an informal probate. However, it is a less complicated process if an original last will and testament can be located.

Do I need a will?

Yes, each person over the age of 18 should have a will to ensure that his estate is taken care of by someone they have appointed and in the case of a person under the age of 18 years there should be a will as well as Power Of Attorney and Executor-ships document.

How is child support determined?

Child support is determined by the Child Support Guidelines I any given state. The guidelines are based on the income and child expenses of both parents. The guidelines, calculator and forms can be found online or we can provide them to you.

What is a post-decree action?

A post-decree action occurs after the initial divorce case. It can involve the modification or enforcement of Legal Decision Making (Custody), Parenting Time, Child Support, Restraining Orders or other matters arising from the initial action.

Do I have to go to court?

If you have no children involved in your case, no spousal maintenance is involved, the parties are in agreement, and no response has been filed in your action, it is possible that you won’t have to attend a court hearing however PLEASE always check with your court of filing.

Can I add my new spouse on the deed to my house?

Yes. However, some cities have special regulations regarding this process. It is a good idea to check with the agency where you live or we can provide to you.

Death of your spouse is a reality that we will all face at some point in our lives, and when we do, the pain experienced is often exacerbated by the legal issues death often brings.

Have Any Questions?

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