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The following notice is provided to you in conformance with the Civil Business and Professions Code, Section 6410:

  • We are not attorneys, we have 2-retired attorneys on our board
  • We are not a law firm
  • We do not provide the same services as an attorney
  • We cannot provide you with legal advice
  • We cannot represent you in court or advise you about your legal rights
  • We cannot select legal forms for you

The employees of THE LAW CO., LTD are registered legal document assistants, as provided by state and Federal law. The county clerk has not evaluated our knowledge, experience or the quality of our services and therefore cannot render any opinion.

You may obtain information regarding free or low-cost representation through a local bar association or legal aid foundation if you so choose.

You may also contact local law enforcement, a district attorney, or a legal aid foundation if you believe that you have been a victim of fraud, the unauthorized practice of law, or any other injury.

We are not permitted to engage in the practice of law, including providing any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to you about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms, or strategies.

You have the right to rescind this contract within 24 hours of signing. You may cancel this contract by providing us with any written statement to the effect that the contract is cancelled. If you provide notice of cancellation by mail addressed to us, cancellation is effective upon the date indicated on the postmark. Upon cancellation, any fees you have paid will be returned to you, except fees for services that were actually, necessarily and reasonably performed on your behalf.



“Client” is defined as the individual or business contracting for services from “THE LAW CO., LTD  Services” (Provider). “Services” include any contracted for service prepared at the direction of the client. “Flat Rate Service” is defined as any service for which one flat fee is charged, inclusive of all necessary work to complete the service. “Retained or Retainer Service” is defined as any service for which one flat fee is not adequate to cover expenses for services rendered as there may be ongoing hours and charges. “Office Credit” is defined as a credit, a record of which is kept with Provider in the name of Client for the amount accredited.


When Client contracts with Provider for a flat rate service, Client agrees to pay one flat rate for the completion of the service contracted for. Once contracted for,  Client may not cancel the services requested (unless done within 24 hours of entering into contract). Client may elect if he/she/it wishes, to convert the value of an incomplete service to office credit at the sole discretion of provider and to be used for any other service. Any payment made prior to preparation of services is considered a deposit for services and is non-refundable except as stated herein above.

Family Law Services: Includes the preparation of all initial, responsive or judgment documents. The following documents are excluded from the flat rate service and can be prepared at an additional cost: 1) Orders to Show Cause (Request for Temp. Order); 2) Requests for Dismissal; 3) Discovery requests or responses; 4) Trial Briefs and All Trial Related Documents.

Business Formation Services: Includes preparation of all initial filing documents (articles). Does not include preparation of SS-4 or any other IRS/Franchise Tax Board forms. Most tax forms are simple and our staff can guide you in filling them out if you so require. Minutes and by-laws are not prepared but a boilerplate template of each is provided to clients purchasing a corporate kit.


As a courtesy only, provider will notify Client of all upcoming hearing dates either by email/phone or regular mail. Client is representing him/her/it-self and is responsible for remaining apprised of any upcoming court dates. Most courts have websites where the status of a case and any upcoming hearings can be viewed. Client may request the web addresses (if available) to view case information on their own.


Client agrees to provide Provider only with true and correct copies of documents, no originals (unless specifically required). Provider is not responsible for the safe-keeping of original documents unless necessary in a particular case and specifically agreed to in writing by the parties.


Provider agrees to prepare initial case documents within 48 to 72 hours unless service has an advertised 24 hour turnaround. Client may specify a sooner date for preparation of documents at an extra rate of

$99 and upon agreement of the parties. If provider, due to unforeseen circumstances cannot prepare documents within the above prescribed time, Provider will contact Client to inform him/her/it and will set a new date for finality of the documents within a reasonable period of time.


Provider will do its best to provide an accurate accounting of any court fees or other miscellaneous fees which may become due as part of your requested service. As this is not always possible, Client agrees to reimburse any unknown costs to Provider in connection to the filing or facilitation of the service by Provider. Provider may advance fees for Client at a rate of 15% for any fees under $100 and Client agrees to reimburse provider no later than 30 days from the date the fee is advanced. Provider agrees to provide all necessary receipts for advanced fees upon request of reimbursement.


Client agrees to maintain communication with Provider at all times including when Provider has questions regarding information essential to the preparation of Clients documents. Client further agrees to update Provider with any changes to their address, phone number or email with the most current information.

If after 3 months Provider cannot contact Client through the contact methods provided by client, Provider will remove Client’s file from its active clients and will archive Clients file in storage. If Client thereafter wishes to reactivate their case, a $100 administrative fee will be due Provider. If Provider cannot contact Client after 6 months, this contract will become impossible to perform and Client will forfit any deposit or flat rate payment made to Provider. At Provider’s discretion, an office credit in the amount of 50% of the total deposit or flat rate fee paid may be given to Client.

You agree that any services requested by you will be performed at your direction only, using information and knowledge that you are aware of as the sole content and basis of the documents.

Our fees do not include any filing fees or miscellaneous fees that may be required in a case. We try our best to notify you of any said fees payable to the court or otherwise and you agree that you are responsible for the payment of these fees or prompt reimbursement to Freelance Paralegal Services.

By using our services online or otherwise, you accept this agreement and agree to the provisions of the terms of service and all of the above provisions listed on this page. You have 24 hours to rescind this contract for any reason, however if work has already been started for you then you may not receive a refund in full.


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